@jimgroom @phb256 @LKMahone @Brumface @teamtightpants @jessreingold @alisonthoet @Green_Canoe Talked about you guys in my last weekly ds106 post. Would right more but got finals to study haha. Hope you guys enjoy it! http://www.iahmed16celtics.net/weekly-summaries/we-are-the-champions-2/

As a freshman at UMW, studying for my finals is stressing me out. The only thing that relaxes me is doing ds106 work. I'm really going to miss it. http://s3-ec.buzzfed.com/static/enhanced/terminal05/2012/2/21/16/enhanced-buzz-wide-31509-1329859462-2.jpg

Hope you guys can read my last daily create for ds106! Here it is: http://www.iahmed16celtics.net/daily-create/final-dc/

New blog posts posted on my blog! Hope you guys can check them out and will like it! http://www.iahmed16celtics.net/

It's been fun these past two weeks, see why in my blog post! http://www.iahmed16celtics.net/weekly-summaries/i-believe-i-can-fly/

Here are some of the sticky notes Jay uses in his office, check it out! http://www.iahmed16celtics.net/final-project/jay-landsman-post-it-notes/

So Professor Groom is dancing where Jay, Lester, and Bunk are talking.. it's in my blog post check it out: http://www.iahmed16celtics.net/final-project/jay-is-confused-wheres-the-noise-coming-from/ @jimgroom

Texting while driving, man that's got to stop. I put the reason why in my blog post. Check it out: http://www.iahmed16celtics.net/assignments/mashupremix/remix-texting-and-driving/