Love Paul Blart from the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop? Check it out in my blog post how I summarized it in two panels!

Need to comment on other people's blog post? Want to see something entertaining but with action as well? Check out my new assignment that I created and it has a mashup trailer in it with two movies that everyone knows already. Check it out! Would love some thoughts about it!

It's funny that the nights I stay up late when I study at the convergence center and I'm on the way back to my dorm, I have a feeling that I'll hear the Omar whistle. It really goes when I'm walking back to my dorm.

To start off my freshman year here at UMW, I love my ds106 class the most out of all my classes. After finals week, I'm really going to miss this class, @jimgroom and @phb256 , and my classmates that I've became friends so far! Couldn't ask for better professors and classmates! I'm going to miss you guys!